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If pop culture icon and radio host Delilah couldn't say she's discovered a great Christian artist, she certainly can now. Amy Savin is a vibrant young singer songstress who hails from Canada, and is packing up all of her accolades for a U.S. invasion. With solid tracks from a duo of multi-platinum producers including Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Dave Barnes), her new partnership with Nashville's MHM Label Group (Daniel Doss Band), and pristine vocal talent, Amy Savin is the new girl in town.

Amy Savin's U.S debut with her album Skylines brings back to Christian music a depth of lyric and intricate artistry slightly lost in recent years. The songs are a beautiful hybrid of haunting and striking melodies set to lyrics that are made for fun listening and personal growth. Mirroring the artistic rebirth of musical integrity by artists such as Esperanza Spalding and Adele; Amy Savin's approach is "less pitch correction and more singing".

The winner of Drew Marshall's "So You Think God Wants You To Sing", hosted by celebrity judges including radio host Delilah, new artist Amy Savin enters her Freshman year as a highly decorated musician. She picked up two spectacular nominations that included Best Pop Contemporary Album from the GMA Covenant Awards in 2011. This was all the momentum needed for "the girl next door" to enter our living rooms (and iPods) here in the US.

Amy's voice and songwriting harkens back to the stylings of Nicole Nordeman with the addition of an understated falsetto range not attempted since the quiet ballads of Rachel Lampa. Amy's music is pleasantly unique thanks to her break-out vocal updrafts that pierce through tracks like "Hide Me", "Fly Robin", "Skylines", and the future Ed Cash smash "Hymn 177".

Amy shatters the new trend of "just write the big hit single" with a beautifully balanced project from track 1 to 10. Amy recalls, "I remember as a fan, gravitating to just one artist or two at a time, and wrapping myself up in all of their music, not just one song. I am encouraged when listeners shed the ADD approach to singles (just bouncing from song to song), and dig into the other 'chapters of the book' an artist has written, so that there can be a relationship between them. Something that lasts longer than a few moments, and impacts far more deeply. I wrote this album to be absorbed and re-absorbed as a whole. If one of those album chapters happens to lend itself to radio audiences, that would just be amazing, too!"

"Working with Amy was a true joy. Her solid artistry is evident throughout her singing, writing and playing. She has an amazing attitude and though she's chill and laid back, she's laser focused on her music" -Ed Cash

"Amy, you rock. What can I say? Very talented, very polished. If you need a good agent, talk to me off the air girlfriend. God does want you to sing, he really does, and so do I." -Delilah

"Over the last decade I have interviewed some of the biggest entertainers in the industry and have had countless recording artists perform live in studio. Then along came Amy Savin. Her passion scared me. Her talent humbled me. Her heart convicted me. Amy has a gravitational pull which sucked me in - into a space I rarely find myself - inspired!" - Drew Marshall

Amy Savin


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