Having popularity on social media is one of the much sought-after aspirations of most people nowadays. People are always on the look for capturing the perfect images and content to post on their social media profiles. Accumulating a large number of followers and likes on your social media posts is equivalent to having a superior social status, as the world has come to see. Most people boggle their minds about the tricks which could do wonders for them in terms of popularity on social media.

There is also a major group of people who tend to indulge in obnoxiously ridiculous ways of having social media stardom and one such way are exposing their bodies to the world. This tactic has been massively popular but it is now actually played down. Social networking platforms like Instagram remain a safe haven for those users who want to treat it as their portfolio and use it as a close look into their personal profiles. Different kinds of people have adopted different strategies to reach their objectives and the whole community of influencers remains quite an inspiration for their hard work and dedication.

So, if you are someone who wishes to gain more popularity on social media, here is what you can do:

Become a content creator – It is not always a game of selfies and posting pictures of your food. You should allow people to have a personal and up-close look into your life, which means bringing up all those things on the table which really make who you are. It means that you should show people how talented you are and what are your myriad abilities. If you are a musician, artist, writer, public speaker, athlete, fitness trainer, photographer, etc. you should use your Instagram profile as a glimpse to everything that you are good at. Next step is to scale up these efforts to turn your mere profile into a business, and there are many ways to do that.

A prominent example is Jonathan Gabriel Wills, who’s known by his stage name J. ills. The teenager has become a successful music artist and has amassed a significant audience. He is also quite popular on Instagram and his followers continue to grow each day. He is a great example of an artist who is making a big name of himself and using social media to his advantage.

Support others – Giving shout outs, reacting to posts, and promoting other people like you is important. This way other people would earn your respect and would most likely look forward to returning the favor as they get a chance. Being featured on a top influencer’s profile can be a game changer.

Be a part of some trend – Whether it is Game of Thrones S08 right around the corner or Brexit, you should become a part of some trend, so that your visibility increases on social media, you appear frequently in search results, and people start relating to you.